salty christmas gift basket

salty christmas gift basket

From 180.00 Euro ...

Salty Christmas gift basket with 16 delicious products: low Gilber Panettone with Moscato wrapping 1 kg, Spumante Manzoni Brut crossing of Pinot Bianco and Riesling Renano Maschio Cavalieri, Spumante Brachetto d'Acqui DOCG San Maurizio, Giandujotti with 30% of Italian Hazelnuts. Suisse gift box 240 G, Pistaki Sicilian Pastries with Almonds and Peluso Pistachio box 250 G, Biscuits with Extra Virgin Olive Oil with 100% Arabica Coffee Duca d'Alba tray 290 G, Shortcrust Pastry with Raisins, Pine Nuts and Grondona Candied Fruit box 200 G, Limoncini Pastries with Limoncello Chiostro di Saronno box 120 G, Mixed Legume Montanara Soup with Porcini Mushrooms Brezzo jar 450 G, 100% Wholemeal crunchy languages ??Granart tray 150 G, Beans with Uccelletto with Cannellini Beans and Tomato Bio Cereal Terra jar 270 G, Bella di Cerignola Olives in brine Dilillo jar 290 G, Tricolor Tortellini stuffed with Marabotto pork, bag 500 G, Po sauce modoro alla amatriciana marabotto jar 300 g, shank of baked ham cooked naturally Salumificio Cavour bag 650 g, selected lentils Brezzo paper bag 500 g

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There are a lot of people who send baskets and gifts to italy. While there are those who prefer the small and meaningful gifts, there are those who are overjoyed with the unexpected. Various shops located in italy and in the major cities like Naples, Florence, Turin, Venice, Milan, and Rome are equipped with arranging flowers and baskets that will meet your needs and send them to the recipient’s address.


16 April

Beautiful salty christmas gift basket delivered directly to domicile in italy as required. I am very happy with the work of your florist italy and will not fail to make you public. Thank you so much!


04 April

Very nice flowers delivery service to italy! Both for the quality of the flowers and for the timely delivery. Thank you


29 March

Hi, I was very happy with the product "salty christmas gift basket ", looked after in detail, is exactly what I expected. Flowers have arrived quite well in italy! I'm sure I will make others purchase soon.


20 March

Thank you very much for helping me, you have solved my problem with professionalism. I have found your flowers delivery service to italy efficient, accurate and punctual. I will not fail to make you public.

Anna Maria

20 March

Amazing flowers delivery service to italy, just some problems with my credid card solved by phone by a your agent. Professional service and well executed. Thank you!

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