We make it easy to send flowers to Italy?

Lover boy gives flowers to his girlfriendThere is literally no occasion that cannot be enhanced by flowers, especially if you are giving flowers to someone. It can be for something specific, like a special occasion such as a birthday or graduation, or it can be for no particular reason at all, like a random act of kindness. No matter what the circumstance, giving flowers is an appropriate gift to anyone, anywhere.

It is thought that the tradition of giving flowers is traceable in history back thousands of years. Archeological sites have found shown historical evidence that flower gifting was part of social situations and that specific flowers were tied to emotional expression. The giving of flowers shows up in myths and legends going back to ancient Rome, Egypt, China and Greece, and some flowers were assigned to gods and goddesses – like representations of those lofty beings.

The legends held true and were passed along to future generations in and through the Middle Ages. France, England and Italy kept the traditions alive and began to define even further the meanings behind gifting different types of flowers and in different ways. You could express romantic love with red roses presented to your beloved in the traditional manner, but if you presented them upside down you were indicating anger – and she would undoubtedly be angry for getting them presented that way.

If red roses go with romantic love, white roses or lilies go with purity and innocence – a favorite for weddings. Yellow roses are most often symbolizing friendship or perhaps remorse if given between lovers – a botanical expression of being sorry for something. There are flowers for nearly every single event you can think of from births to funerals, weddings and birthdays, Valentine’s Day and Christmas – nothing is off limits when it comes to giving flowers. Continue reading “We make it easy to send flowers to Italy?”

Flowers and Gifts for All Saints’ Day

November 1 is All Saints Day, also known as the Feast of All Saints. And ‘an anniversary that celebrates in one day the glory and honor of all the Saints, even those not canonized. It is a religious festival, to be honored with a celebration in church, and it is traditional to exchange greetings. All Saints Day is therefore an opportunity to wish a happy feast day to all, especially to those who do not celebrate their saint in the year.

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