gift box delicious

gift box delicious

From 109.00 Euro ...

gift box with 7 italian gourmet specialitis: 1 bottle of red wine Barbera d'Asti, crunchy tongues with olives 150 gr, tomini of langa whole with truffle in oil i olive brezzo 180 gr, salami crduo of pure pork 100% Italian meat dottovuoto 550 gr, Piedmontese appetizer with vegetables and tuna mouthpiece jar gr 280, pork shank with apples cooked in the oven salumicio cavour gr 650, selected lentils brezzo paper bag 500 gr

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There are a lot of people who send baskets and gifts to Pelugo. While there are those who prefer the small and meaningful gifts, there are those who are overjoyed with the unexpected. Various shops located in Pelugo and in the major cities like Naples, Florence, Turin, Venice, Milan, and Rome are equipped with arranging flowers and baskets that will meet your needs and send them to the recipient’s address.


16 April

Beautiful gift box delicious delivered directly to domicile in Pelugo as required. I am very happy with the work of your florist Pelugo and will not fail to make you public. Thank you so much!


04 April

Very nice flowers delivery service to Pelugo! Both for the quality of the flowers and for the timely delivery. Thank you


29 March

Hi, I was very happy with the product "gift box delicious", looked after in detail, is exactly what I expected. Flowers have arrived quite well in Pelugo! I'm sure I will make others purchase soon.


20 March

Thank you very much for helping me, you have solved my problem with professionalism. I have found your flowers delivery service to Pelugo efficient, accurate and punctual. I will not fail to make you public.

Anna Maria

20 March

Amazing flowers delivery service to Pelugo, just some problems with my credid card solved by phone by a your agent. Professional service and well executed. Thank you!

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